Useful links and resources

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  3. How AdTech Works
  4. Email Resources
  5. What do NFT's Mean for Digital Art?
  6. The problem of CryptoArt
  7. Writing Copy for Landing Pages
  8. APIs All the Way Down
  9. Do Offline and Online Go Hand in Hand? Cross-Channel and Synergy Effects of Direct Mailing and Display Advertising
  10. Attribution Without Cookies
  11. Do Less, Convert More
  12. SaaS Prototyping with Observable, Firebase and Stripe
  13. Ed Hardy: the Godfather of Tattooing
  14. Only 9% of Site Visitors Consent to Marketing Tracking
  15. Non-Significance in A/B Testing
  16. Why Google Dominates Advertising Markets
  17. How Basecamp use Basecamp
  18. Classical Menswear Meets Tattooing
  19. Plain Text email and the Uncanny Valley
  20. Big Tech Digital Consent
  21. Exercising Through the Pandemic
  22. Zoom - Surveillance by Design
  23. Bad Science - Why We Sleep
  24. What are "toast" messages?
  25. You're a Lab-Rat for Big Tech
  26. Bloomberg Ad Spending
  27. Post GDPR Dark Patterns - A Study of Cookie Consent Notices
  28. Writing Usefully
  29. Friction in SaaS Signup Flows
  30. Self Disclosure and the Monetary Value of Clear Privacy Policies
  31. The Chartmaker Directory
  32. Cheap Website Personalisation With Google Optimize
  33. Geofencing Gets Political
  34. Military Maps
  35. Good gamers, good managers?
  36. Inside Mark Zuckerberg's Lost Notebook
  37. The Future of Technology and Marketing
  38. Martechbase
  39. How Users Engage With Chrome Push Notification Prompts
  40. How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class
  41. Welcome to Inkfolio
  42. How Much Does Our Language Determine Behaviour?
  43. Google Maps Hack
  44. The End of the Trident Era
  45. ICO Direct Marketing Consultation
  46. The A/B Testing Paradox
  47. Save the Planet, Send Less Email
  48. Demos, Prototypes and MVPs
  49. ACNE X Robbie Barrat A/W20
  50. The Next Decade of Behavioural Science
  51. Spam Won't Save Your Product
  52. Saying Goodbye to the Landing Page
  53. Politicians Don't Actually Care What Voters Want
  54. Yves Klein and the Void
  55. 2015-2020 RIP Browser Push Notifications
  56. UI Components for Communication
  57. Tailwind V1.2 prerelease notes