Classical Menswear Meets Tattooing

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I've been an occasional reader of Simon Crompton's blog Permanent Style for many years now and always find his take on luxury clothing fascinating.

There aren't many who can share their knowledge and insights about €5,000 bespoke Cifonelli suits, or €6,500 Italian tailoring.

With an audience built with that type of content I'm intrigued to see that Simon recently got a tattoo and what his thought process behind the design and his appreciation of the work and craftsmanship that went into it by his tattoo artist (Mo Coppoletta).

To me, it is a deep expression of who I am, and what I value. I know it isn’t how everyone approaches getting a tattoo, but I see it as something profound.

There is of course a long history of tattooing in the British upper classes, coming most frequently with their associations with the Royal Navy, George V was know to have a red and blue dragon on his arm[1].

That being said, I find it fascinating how much snobbery is exhibited by the commentators on Simon's blog. You'd have hoped that an audience that claims to appreciate art and craftsmanship could see those things in a tattoo, whether they like the style of it or not.

  1. George V on Wikipedia. ↩︎



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