Hello World

So, it's been a long time since I've bothered to have a blog or personal site of any sort - and while I've certainly dabbled in a bunch of web related projects over the years (mostly wikis and video game community related stuff), I've not really done the web properly in a long time.

I guess this represents a new start of sorts. I'm currently dabbling in Python in an effort to learn some new skills, so this site is being generated through Pelican, a Python based static site generator. I'm also experimenting with Github, something that seems trivial to most developers but I never got around to learning for no good reason at all. Site content is being hosted in an Azure blob, which is easy peasy through VS Code.

Ultimately I'd like become more rounded as a marketer by being able to actually get stuck in with some of the more technical projects that I like being involved in. I guess I'll be posting some of my efforts about that here, along with whatever else takes my fancy.

Thanks for dropping in!