Weekly Reading

Progress made so far on Traction. Zero. It appears I've fallen off the wagon on that front. I'll pick it back up during the week.

Obvious UI is often the best UI, it seems like a pretty self-evident statement but sometimes we all need reminding of the obvious. Why hide your navigation under a hamburger menu when you can display it directly? Why not show a bottom navigation bar on mobile screens so the navigation is in easy reach for a user? Maybe we need to go back to the drawing board and get back to the basics.

What is the IndieWeb and why should you care? Jamie Tanna tells us what it's all about. The web has changed significantly in the last couple decades - and people are starting to fight back against the lack of ownership of their own content and data.

Google Stadia - Google's videogame streaming service that allows users to play games streamed directly from Google servers is launching in less than a month, but you've probably heard nothing about it. Can we expect this to be as big a flop as all the other similar programs that launched over the last few years?

Funerals aren't normally very fun affairs - this one might have been different.

Web dev has changed significantly from when I learnt it at uni and the radical shift towards Javascript as a monolithic environment is one that I still struggle to wrap my head around. Is there still value in just knowing how to write good CSS and HTML, I firmly believe the answer is yes.

On that note, and related to the shortness of this post, I've been working on something along these lines, very much more to talk about in the near future.