Subprime Attention Crisis

Advertising and the Time Bomb at the Heart of the Internet

by Tim Hwang ⚡

This is a short book, but it doesn't mince it's words and lays a compelling case that digital programmatic advertising is in a cataclysmic bubble.

For better or worse, the modern internet was built off the back of advertising. We rely on advertising subsidised services every day and a violent bursting of the bubble could well cause serious collateral damage.

Digital advertising is directly responsible for the business models used by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and for the clickbait-ification of news content. It can be linked, without a shadow of a doubt to the rise of violent extremism that's currently plaguing Western society that's directly led to the deaths of innocent people around the world.

There's hope, though. Increasing awareness of the side-effects of advertising are readily apparent and I hope marketers are starting to wake up and realise that the opaque systems they use are full of garbage data, if not outright fraud.

It's inexcusable that marketers are not aware of the risks associated with where and how they choose to allocate their budgets. If you work in marketing, please, please, please read this book.