How To Run a Drug Cartel

by Tom Wainwright

Using economics to understand how modern drug cartels work shouldn't be this compelling.

Narconomics takes a deep look at the drug trade and the economic activity of drug cartels. Covering everything from the economics of the Cocaine supply chain (government led destruction of coca plants costs hundreds of millions per year and only negatively effects the already poor farmers), collusions between competing cartels, HR problems, PR problems, offshoring (moving production to economically cheaper areas), legal highs, online shopping and diversification.

The vast increase in spending on border security has inadvertently transformed the people-smuggling business from an optional, cheap, amateur affair into a near-compulsory, very expensive, and cartel-dominated one. It is a gift to organized crime.

A great read that offers more solutions to effectively fighting the drugs trade than any action taken by Western governments in the last 4 decades.